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Nothing tastes better than a loaf of hot bread straight from the oven. Bread makers can quickly become irreplaceable in the kitchen. With a bread maker, you can toss in the ingredients and do something else until your savory loaf is ready for sampling. Simply add a simple bread mix to the bread pan, turn the bread maker on, and kick back. You will be enjoying fresh baked, warm bread in no time. Once you settle on the bread maker that is right for you, you will never want to part away. Bread makers are versatile and simple to use, expanding your baking horizons and helping you make perfect bread every time.

Bread Maker
Most bread makers are easy enough for people to operate, but the more you know about the machine and ingredients, the better your bread will be and the more you'll enjoy the task. If your first loaves aren't satisfactory, don't give up or blame the bread machine right away. There are a number of reasons for failed bread, from outdated or overheated yeast to lack of salt or too much sugar.

No matter how much bread your family consumes now, when you have hot bread coming out of a bread maker, their consumption capability will increase considerably. Take this into consideration when choosing the size loaf your bread maker will produce. Some bread makers make round loaves, some make elongated loaves in a bucket-style container and some make horizontal loaves. Bread that sits in the bread maker for a considerable amount of time after it's through baking sometimes gets soft or soggy, so don't put too much stock in the "keep warm" feature. If you have a preference, keep looking until you find what you want. Several companies now have bread mixes made especially for bread makers. They're available at grocery stores.

Buying Tips:
First, measure your kitchen and make sure you have enough space for a bread maker. Select the capacity of the bread maker based on the amount of bread your family would consume. Select a bread maker with a delay timer if you want bread ready for dinner or fresh for breakfast. If you just want to make dough (as for pizza or cinnamon rolls), choose a bread maker that will make dough but not cook it. Choose a bread maker that signals you to add ingredients during the bread making process. This is a good feature if you need to add fruits or nuts. Pick a bread maker with a "keep warm" function if you're not likely to be around when the bread is done. Check for other special features, such as crust control, French bread or whole wheat bread cycles, or cycles for fruit or nut breads. All these features would help you to make a loaf of bread you ever dreamed of.

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