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Coffee decanters are used to hold coffee when you are brewing it. It is a container that most coffee drinkers need to have to make some flavorful coffee. We all knew that the history of coffee can be dated back as far as the 9th century. It is said that coffee was originated in the highlands of Ethiopia and then later it was traded to the rest of the world. According to a recent research statistics, coffee has amounted to the third favorite beverage of the world (the first be water, second pop drinks) because its intoxicating taste and tantalizing aroma is sufficiently copious to take your spirits to the highest level.

Coffee Decanter
With the popularity of drinking coffee in the world, coffee decanter has become one of the necessities in kitchen because many people like to prepare coffee by themselves at home instead of drinking instant coffee. As this word decanter itself indicates coffee decanter is made of glass originally. But now, there are still some other options for producing coffee decanters, among which the two most common ones are stainless steel and durable plastic.

A typical coffee decanter’s container and handle core are made of transparent, high-impact-resistant material -- all molded as sturdy, extra-strength, one piece construction for the longest service life. Another property for the container of coffee decanters is that it should work properly in high temperature (above 100 centigrade at least). The material which makes a good base of coffee decanters is usually high quality stainless steel, the purpose of which is easy to warm coffee up in it. An ideal coffee decanter should have a drip-proof fast pouring lip to assure convenient serving and it should be designed to hold coffee at proper temperature and to keep coffee in it fresher and longer. What’s more, a good coffee decanter should be constructed by materials approved by NSF for potable water applications.

Buying Tips:
The coffee decanter is an everyday necessity in our kitchens, so before purchasing you’d better pay much attention to the material which constructed the appliance to find the most durable and lightest one. The capacity of the coffee decanter is also important to know so that you can buy one for the average amount of coffee you normally make. Anther suggestion is that because coffee decanters are frequently used at home, so a dishwasher safe one is preferable to other kinds of decanters. It is better to choose the decanter handles made of non-hot-sensitive materials. Otherwise, people might get burned by the high temperature of the hot coffee.

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