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The crepe is originated in the mid-19th century and has since become one of the tastiest snack or meal at any time of day. Essentially a very thin pancake, a crepe can be filled with fruit, cheese, vegetables, or even meat, for a meal with a continental flavor. Originally, crepes were made in skillets, which made crepe making a challenge for most people. With the invention of crepe makers, crepe making becomes an easy job for most people.

Crepe Maker
A crepe maker is designed to help people form and cook crepes evenly. Although in the market, you can also find gas crepe maker, but the most common ones recently are all electric. Electric crepe makers come in two main forms.

One kind looks like an upside-down frying pan on top of a concave frying pan. The cooking surface (the upside-down frying pan) is coated with nonstick material. By simply dipping into batter, the cooking surface can be coated evenly. Then inverting the appliance and setting it on a counter allows the crepe to cook. You neednít worry about your counter because this crepe maker has rubber feet to protect it. An automatic thermostat heats the cooking surface to the proper temperature, and a light signals when it's time to cook. The crepe maker, which usually features a stay-cool plastic handle, is accompanied by a plastic dishwasher-safe dipping plate to hold the batter. The crepes cook up in about a minute depending on the desired crispness. By spreading a small amount of melted butter on the surface of the pan before dipping, you can ensure easy release. No waiting time is needed between crepes, so you can make an entire batch in no time.

Another type of crepe maker looks like a standard flat, round griddle on top of a heating element. The users pour a small amount of batter onto to the griddle and spread it out, usually with a special wooden tool designed for this purpose. This procedure is much troublesome for most people for it is difficult both to pour proper amount of batter onto the griddle and to spread it out evenly. What?more, this kind of crepe maker is much more expensive than the first type.

The top plates of the crepe makers may be made of forged aluminum or cast iron. The cast iron plate heats faster than the forged Aluminum plate, thus reducing recovery time in between cooking each food item. The surface of some cast iron plates is coated by a highly scratch-resistant enamel that eliminates the need for seasoning and discarding the first few crepes to come off the plate.

Buying Tip:
Several points require your consideration before buying a crepe maker. First, do you make crepes frequently? If not, there is no need for buying a crepe maker, a skillet can perfectly meet you need. Second, crepe makers vary greatly in price, so before buying, you should set your ideal price range which can save you a lot of time and energy.

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