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Fondue is a type of dish that old Swiss people invented that it usually involves melting a food, typically cheese, in a fondue pot so other foods can be dipped into it and eaten. Though fondue will never be a weeknight dinner choice for most people, the concept seems to be the solution for Americans who want to entertain in a relaxed way, sipping and dipping with friends. Foods commonly dipped into the fondue pot basically include fruit, bread, and meat. Several people sit around the fondue and eat from the same fondue pot, though each person has his or her own fork. The fork has a long handle, allowing the guests to dip the food into the fondue pot without burning his or her hand.

Electric Fondue Maker
Fondue pots should be earthenware or heavy gauge metal, preferably coated inside with a non-stick coating for easy clean-up. They also need to have a sturdy stand and a handle that is easy to grip. While not traditional, an electric fondue pots can be easier to deal with. Electric fondue pots don't require paste or liquid fuel, just plug in. When you use an electric fondue pot, the cord might dangle from the table and it can easily be snagged or tripped over, which at best causes a mess and at worst sends guests to the burn unit. So you need to be careful with the wires and it is better to put the wire under your floor so no one would be able to get hurt.

With a electric fondue pot, there will be no need to fiddle with the fuel or keeping food from clumping. The electric fondue set is practically simple to operate! In elegant brushed stainless, the latest interactive dining appliance is a stick-free pot and thermostat that adjusts to a wide range of settings. Prepare chocolate, cheese, broth or oil fondues - up to three quarts - without precooking a thing. Operating on 1000 watts, it allows up to eight separate dippers using the eight fondue forks. A stainless steel ring holds your forks, and an attractive chrome base holds the pot. The whole unit can be washed and it is dishwasher-safe, making cleanup easy. It's a great change from the typical meal or dessert and fun when entertaining.

Buying Tips:
When looking for an electric fondue pot, there are several things to consider. Traditionally, a fondue pot is made of earthenware and placed on a small burner in order to keep the contents inside warm and liquefied. You also need to be sure to select a fondue pot that is large enough to hold plenty of dip for all of your guests. Keep in mind that several people will be eating from the same pot. To make clean up easier, the fondue pot should also have a non-stick interior. In addition, your fondue pot should include forks that are designed specifically to go along with the pot. Ideally, the fondue pot should have a storage system for the forks, such as a fork ring that can be attached to the pot. That way, there is less chance of misplacing the forks. Another thing is you need to pick one with an adjustable temperature control. This way, you can melt the food inside and then turn the heat down in order to keep it warm.

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