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An electric kettle is the most convenient way to heat water for home and office use. It makes hot beverages like tea fast and easy to prepare. When compared to water heated in a microwave, tea tastes much better when made with freshly boiled water. All these kettles switch off automatically when the water boils, which is a big advantage over the stove top kettles which whistle until you turn them off. Most of current kettles are using a cordless design. The power cord is attached to the base, and the kettle can be lifted off for more convenient filling and serving. Most customers prefer this type of electric kettles.

Electric Kettle
Electric kettles are the fastest to heat, and provide convenience and beauty. Water kettles are meant to heat up water. Important elements to consider might include: what is the capacity of the kettle, how efficient is the kettle, is the handle comfortable to hold, is it easy to pour in and out water, is it a whistle kettle or not, is it maintenance free or does it need care? The sizes shown on the kettle are the manufacturer's claim of the total capacity up to the brim, not necessarily of the quantity of water that is safe to boil in them. It is generally safest to fill only to the bottom of the spout opening, so that boiling water does not spit out of the spout, whether or not the spout is covered. You can safely fill a little higher in kettles with wider, longer spouts. Look for the recommended fill level in the descriptions of the kettles which is marked with lines on the kettle body.

Modern stainless steel electric kettles are reliable, durable and can boil water quickly. These contemporary designs make all of the kettles easy to use and are an attractive addition to any kitchen. You can use it to make tea, instant coffee and hot chocolate. All tea experts and connoisseurs agree that the best tea is made by boiling the fresh water using a kettle, and then making the tea in a teapot. Or use it for instant snacks and foods such as noodles, soups or oatmeal. It is also used to pre-boil water for cooking potatoes, vegetables and all types of pastas in stovetop saucepans and skillets - it makes meal preparation so much easier.

The cordless jug kettle receives its power from a separate base. When the water is boiled, simply lift it from the base and carry it anywhere for serving. Even when full of hot water, the jug kettle's stay-cool design allows it to be placed on counter tops without risk of heat damage. The kettle automatically switches off after reaching boiling point - every time. It also features a safety thermostat which cuts the power if the kettle is accidentally switched on without water.

Buying Tips: Before you buy, think about the water quantity you usually heat for your family or office. Then check the power capacity of the electric kettle and choose the one is allowed in your residence. Too much power may lead to many times of fuse change. Too less power would make you wait for too long time to get the water heated up. High-quality brushed stainless steel the kettle would ensure you years of service. Do not forget to look for kettle with features of automatic shut-off, double boil-dry safety shut-off and lid-lock features that would guarantee safe use.

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