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An electric knife is an electrical kitchen device, which is used for slicing hard-to-slice foods. The advantage of an electric knife is less physical effort is required when cutting food and it's easier to make cleaner slices.

Electric Knife
When it comes time to carve the your next roast or rack of lamb for your precious guests at a party or a friends gathering, be sure to have your electric knife plugged in and ready. In addition to look nice and elegant, the electric knife is designed to all functional. And, besides the stainless steel carving blade, it comes with a stainless steel bread blade. Both are serrated and will cut slicing time, literally, when you use them in place of your standard knives. A custom storage tray is included. This knife is great for large hams, turkey, prime rib, and for making sandwiches, French toast, and much more.

People used to cut meat with average knives would find electric knives much easier to have things done. The motors on the electric knives do not require any lubricant. Make sure the cord is not connected to the electric outlet when removing or installing the blades. These stainless steel blades are extremely sharp and please be cautious. Always handle the blades by the side opposite the cutting edge, or by the plastic guards. If the blades are separated, pick up by the plastic guard. You can slide the rivet on one blade into the keyhole slot in the other blade until they are locked together. Holding blades together at the base of the blade with cutting edge down, slide onto motor housing until both blades click into place. Make sure blades match with the slots. Now you can plug the cord into the electricity outlet. Hold the knife by the handle and press the button of “turn on?& “turn off? It is suggested to move the knife through the food and do not make a back and forth sawing motion. Do not slice through the bone part, but you can slice down to and around the bone.

After using the electric knife, unplug the cord from the electric outlet first. Grab the plastic guard and pull out the blade carefully. Wash the blades in hot and soapy water and then put it on the rack and dry thoroughly. The motor housing and cord should be cleaned with a damp cloth and then dry thoroughly.

Buying Tips:
Some electric knives come with cord and some do not. Usually there are two kinds of blades provided. One is designed for cutting bread and another one is designed for cutting meat. Also there rechargeable electric knives and plug in electric knives. Test the motor’s power and noise amount in the retails store if you are interested in one of them. Some of the very powerful electric knives might be too noise and a lot of people cannot put up with it. So you may want to find some less noise but still powerful ones instead. The stainless steel blade is very sharp so you not need to worry about its performance on cutting meat. But please do keep in mind that you will not use it to cut through bones. Bones might damage your knife.

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