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An exhaust fan is a device that removes fumes from the kitchen during cooking. There are two types of exhaust fans. The first type is one that is connected directly to the ceiling of the kitchen. The second type is connected to the range hood. Both of these exhaust fans suck up fumes from the kitchen.

Exhaust Fan
The most environmentally friendly exhaust fan is capable of reusing the heat energy it absorbs. The two most common types of fans are impeller fans and blower fans. Impeller fans move air with blades but blower fans (also known as squirrel cages) move the air much more efficiently than impeller fans do. Kitchen exhaust systems usually have a fan and a fan motor in the range hood while other systems use an in-line fan in the exhaust duct or a fan outside the house. How should people install an exhaust fan? You will have to use metal ductwork and ape all joints with high quality duct tape when installing a kitchen exhaust fan. Do not reduce the duct size between the discharge port and your exterior termination cap because the discharge pot is related to whether the air can be transferred outside or not. Read your manufacturer’s instructions carefully before you install the exhaust fan or you will run the risk of hurting yourself.

If the exhaust fan is not operating well, in most cases, there are the following situations. Firstly, there is not enough power for the exhaust fan. You should check if there is a short circuit of a blown fuse. Secondly, make sure that the wires are connected accurately according to your manufacturer’s wiring instructions. Last but not least, check if all the screws are tightened around the motor or the fan will make great noise. After using exhaust fans for a while like three months, people will have to ask professional cleaners to clean it because there is build-up grease on them. There are several rules to obey when people clean their exhaust fans: 1) Turn off the power before cleaning the fan or you will get an electric shock. 2) Use a mild detergent to clean the fan and the grill. You are forbidden to use any abrasive pad or a scouring power or the fan surface will be damaged.

Buying Tips:
The exhaust fan is necessary and also very important in the house exhaust system so people have to take a lot of elements into consideration when they buy an exhaust fan. Choose the quietest, most energy-efficient fan and make sure the size is suitable to your kitchen. Choose those come with an easy removable oil box for cleaning convenience. Check the lights installed in the exhaust fan and it should be equipped with a splash proof box to protect the lights from the grease. Select low-resistance (smooth) exhaust ducting. If you choose the right exhaust fan, you will enjoy your cooking environment much happily.

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