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Everyone loves fondue party! Fondue could date back to the 18th century; although some even argue of its reference in Homer's Iliad, this Swiss tradition is enjoyed today by a lot of people! This kind of old fashion meal, which was first created out of necessity, is now enjoyed by even the most of Americans. If you're looking for a really special way to entertain your friends, few things could beat having a fondue party. What could be more intimate than dipping tasty tidbits into a communal pot of melted cheese or chocolate? Once a party favorite back in the '60s, fondue has made a comeback over the last decade. Buying the right fondue set will make dipping your fondue as enjoyable as eating it.

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What type of fondue set should you buy? It all depends on what types of fondue you want to cook for your friends. But whether your taste runs to Swiss cheese melted in wine, decadent melted chocolate with fruit dippers or nourishing Mongolian Hot Pot, nothing beats the experience of dipping into a communal fondue pot for entertaining guests or livening up a family meal. Will it be the classic cheese fondue or a meat fondue that is cooked in broth or hot oil? And don't forget chocolate fondue. With chocolate fondue you just need a small fondue pot. Meat fondues cooked in hot oil require a fondue pot than can withstand very high heat. A thicker pot that will hold the heat without scorching the contents is better for cheese and chocolate fondues.

Pay attention to the fuel required by your set. Make sure when you purchase your set that the required fuel is readily available. If not, purchase a sufficient amount of fuel when you buy your fondue set. Some of the chocolate/cheese sets are warmed by candles, which will work fine for those varieties, but don't try to cook a meat fondue using candles. Also you may want to consult with retailer for a electric fondue pot.

What other accessories come with your set? How many fondue forks are included with your set? Do they have some kind of coloring or other different decorations so your guests can tell the forks apart? Meat fondues are usually served with accompanying sauces. Are fondue sauce dishes included in your set? Is a lazy Susan part of the setup so that sauce dishes can be easily passed among your guests?

Buying Tips:
Italian fondue set means artsy, handcraft and good quality. Others like the enamel-coated, cast iron pot can be heated on the stove and then transferred to the burner at your table. The enamel coating is easy to clean. Copper and stainless steel fondue set are great to serve your fondue in. Also you can decide your fondue set by the fuel you are going to use. Electric fondue set are getting more and more popular these days for it is clean and easy to set up. Asian style fondue set is heating up now for Americans learn a lot from Chinese hot pot culture. Fondue is a fun way to entertain. Decide whether you plan to cook only one type of fondue such as cheese, or all variations including meat and chocolate. Then select your set accordingly.

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