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A freezer is an electric powered thermally insulated compartment for the rapid freezing and storing of perishable food with a constant low temperature. Fast freezing is the best way to save the fresh-like qualities of food. For most families, refrigerator's freezer compartments are sufficient for holding frozen foods. But it is very common for some working people to purchase foods in bulk at a warehouse store. Sometimes people would buy a lot of frozen foods such as ice cream, juice concentrates, and pre-packaged frozen meals on a monthly basis. Or if you are a host of great hospitality, you may frequently cook for a crowd, and then an extra and larger freezer might be a necessity.

On the market, there are two main types of freezer to choose from, the upright and the chest freezer. Next, letís have a detailed look at these two freezers.

An upright freezer takes up as much square footage as a refrigerator would, which makes it suitable to be put in the kitchen. Some compact upright freezers can even be stored under your kitchen counters to make your kitchen more spacious. Upright freezers generally afford easy access to all foods by using compartments and shelves to sort food items in it. Whatís more, some upright freezers offer an automatic defrost feature which makes their situation more flexible for no more need for handling water runoff. However, Upright freezers generally cost more than chest freezers and they are less energy efficient and their storage space is smaller than the chest ones.

Chest freezers are very basic in style. Since chest freezers are most often stored in a garage or basement for their large sizes, they do not need to be pretty. It is ordinary for chest freezers to be plain white trunks with plastic liners and freezing capabilities. There aren't many variations in style between different manufacturer's offerings. There are only limited features and amenities available for chest freezers like removable, sliding baskets to make storing and retrieving foods easier. Because chest freezers are usually large in size, they are suitable to store over-sized food items, such as turkeys and hams. Comparing to upright freezers, food stored in chest freezers can be hard to access, particularly goods at the bottom. All chest freezers require manual defrost so you'll need to place them near a drain to handle water runoff and to periodically take everything out of them so that you can eliminate the frost that accumulates inside.

Buying Tips:
No matter whichever freezer you plan, they definitely will add more convenience and peace of mind to you. Before you start your searching trip, you need to consider the following things: first, how much space do you have for your freezer? Is it large enough to place inside you kitchen or you needed to place it into your basement? Second, how much food do you need to put into your freezer? Do you purchase a lot of food for one time or do you go to market very often? If you go to market very often, an upright freezer would be sufficient for you for all your food. But if you buy food in large quantities, you will need a chest freezer for storage. Last thing you may to want to make sure is that how is the energy saving status of your freezer. It could be a big headache if you buy a freezer which consumes lot of energy later.

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