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In almost every way, cooking with gas supply is superior than cooking with electricity. Using gas, heat turns on and off instantly, and can be adjusted quickly and accurately. Although a gas range may be more expensive to buy, it will worth of your investment. Your energy costs will be about half what it would be if you were using an electric range. Most of the newer models of gas ranges use an electronic ignition as opposed to a pilot light, which saves more on energy cost.

Gas Range
Heat for cooking on a gas range comes from a clean, blue flame produced by burning the proper mixture of gas and air. Gas burners deliver heat evenly, even if the bottom of the pot is not even at all. Standard gas cook tops have four burners, but many models can be adapted to a griddle, rotisserie, wok or grill. Sealed burners are easier to clean, but slightly less responsive to temperature adjustments.

Some gas ovens now come with the newly developed convection heating pattern. A small fan blows the hot air around the oven so that foods cook more quickly. Convection ovens are more expensive than traditional ovens, but again, there is a significant saving in energy costs. Ovens are either self-cleaning or continuous cleaning. The self-cleaning ovens have a cycle that uses very high heat and reduces oven deposits to ash. Continuous cleaning ovens have a special finish that allows deposits to be oxidized at normal cooking temperatures. These don't clean quite as efficiently, but they are lower in cost.

There are two types of automated ignitions: constant burning pilots and pilotless ignition. Constant burning pilots are small blue flames burning near the burner or the burner flashtube. These pilots are on at all times. Pilotless or intermittent ignition systems are electronic and can be the "spark" ignition type or a "glow coil" igniter. Pilotless systems operate only when the range is in use.

Top burners can be used for melting foods or keeping them warm, for boiling, simmering, frying, braising and pan broiling. Gas flows to the burner and is ignited by the standing pilot or by the spark igniter. To use the burner, place the pan on the burner grate, push in on the burner control knob and turn to the high position (for conventional burners) or the "light" position. With most pilot less ignition top burners, a clicking sound indicates that the module is sparking to light the burner. The gas flame gives instant heat when the burner lights. Then select any amount of heat needed...from a tiny flame for melting butter or chocolates to a high flame to bring food to a boil quickly.

Buying Tips:
Gas ranges are a little expensive when compared with electric ranges. You need to look carefully when you are buying one so that your investment won’t be wasted. Measure the place you are going to place your gas range and it should be at least 30 centimeters wide. Check all the stove and burners to see it is working well and also check the gas faucet and compare with your home one to see if they could match each other. Otherwise, you will need a connector. Then check if there is concealed overhead light to provide enough illumination when you are cooking. Consult with the retailer about the power supply voltage and make sure it matches with your home one. Also a built-in exhaust fan should be installed in the gas range so you do not need to worry ventilation problems.

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