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Hot plate is an electrically heated plate for cooking or warming food. It is made of cast steel with glass or ceramic tops. It works with different temperature settings. Most of the temperature was set as low, medium and high. With the clear LED display on the hot plate, you can easily set your cooking temperature and cooking time. The cooking and warming function make it so convenient for housewives. Power settings are also adjustable so that you can choose the needed power quantity.

Hot Plate
Radiant Hot Plate: Portable radiant hot plates can offer you convenience, durability and elegance. Radiant heat technology offers rapid heating with 5 power settings and is suitable with any type of cookware. Stainless steel housing, glass ceramic top and touch pad glass control panel add beauty to any kitchen and cooking environment. Stainless steel radiant hot plate works all most all the normal cooking utensils. The thermostat will help you to complete your cooking with ease and accuracy.

Induction Hot Plate: Portable electric induction cooking hot plate provides best cook top performance, safety and efficiency. Unlike other electric cooking devices, induction hot plate provides the precise temperature control of gas burners for gourmet cooking. Turning the dial down, the heat energy to the pan immediately decreases. Induction waves have no effect on skin or anything other than iron or steel. This type of hot plate will not work with ceramic, glass, aluminum, copper-bottom or pyrex pans and other kinds of cooking utensils. Induction will work only with iron and stainless steel pans and pots that having a ferrite base, such as cast iron, enameled and induction grade pans. (Pan lids and covers can be glass) If the pan is accidentally removed from the cook top, no more heat is produced. Induction cook top only works when used with magnetic-based materials, such as iron and steel. A simple test to find out if a pan you have is induction compatible is to use a magnet! If a magnet will stick to the surface of the pan, the pan will work on induction hot plate. You also can find special cookware specifically for induction cooking but it is not required.

Buying Tips:
Hot plates are getting popular these years. Most because it is electricity heated and do not cause too much cooking smoke. A lot of hot plates have over heat protection. So hot plate is not only convenient but also very safe. When you select, pay attention to the fan installed in the plate. The fan should be powerful enough to get away all the inside heat thus gives your hot plate a longer service life. Also the top material is important too. Ceramic glass surface is the best now. Try the hot plate to see if it could be heat up instantly. And listen to the working noise to check if the fan is working well.

Kitchen Appliance Advice
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