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It is said that the Roman emperor, Nero, is noted as the first person to make ice cream. Nero commanded slaves to bring snow down from the mountains, which was then used to freeze the flavored cream mixture. The secret was to lower the freezing point of snow in order to freeze the cream. Ice cream maker has a built in compressor unit, making it possible to have professional ice cream at home. Ice cream makers come in a variety of shapes and sizes; some are simply manual mixers which require the batch to be frozen for a few hours before its ready.

Ice Cream Maker
Just picture the image of making delicious ice cream in just 20-40 minutes! You can create exciting, colorful variations, textures and flavors when you have your own ice cream maker. By doing so, you will impress the kids as well as your friends at parties and summer barbecues. A machine to take pride of place in your kitchen!

Making your own ice cream with the ice cream maker is a tasty lesson in states of matter. Getting too much weight? Who cares... it's time to eat the delicious home made ice cream. With a simple mixture of ice and salt in the outer container, the temperature drops below zero degrees and creates a perfect environment for freezing ice cream mixtures in the inner container. The fun, tapered strawberry shape is easy for small and large hands alike to grip while the ice cream is churned. Try different recipes for ice cream, smoothies and sorbets, and create your own imaginative concoctions! Conduct experiments to learn about the unique properties of water and how salt affects the temperature of ice.

How could salt help to make ice cream? It is like people use salt on icy roads in the winter, salt mixed with ice in this case also causes the ice to melt. When salt comes into contact with ice, the freezing point of the ice is lowered. The lowering of the freezing point depends on the amount of salt added. The more salt added, the lower the temperature will be before the salt water freezes.

When salt is added to the ice, some of the ice melts because the freezing point is lowered. Always remember that heat must be absorbed by the ice for it to melt. The heat that causes the melting comes from the surroundings. By lowering the temperature at which ice is frozen, you were able to create an environment in which the cream mixture could freeze at a temperature below 32 degrees F into ice cream.

When you make it, fill the plastic box or large plastic jar half full with crushed ice. Then add about 6 tablespoons of salt to the ice. Seal the container and mix for a few minutes by rolling the container back and forth on the floor. Hey, you might even have to wear gloves! Measure the temperature of the mixture with a thermometer. The salt and ice mixture gets down to about 14oF (-10oC)!

Use the plastic box or glass utensil to mix the following ingredients: 1/2 cup of half & half cream; 1 tablespoon sugar; and 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract. Mix it well and seal tightly, allowing as little air to remain in the box as possible. Place the box inside the fridge with the ice mixture and then about 20 minutes you will be able to enjoy your own ice cream.

Buying Tips:
There are automatic and semi automatic ice cream makers for house hold use. Most of them are mini compact tabletop portable home ice cream machines which is completely a new idea for ice cream making at home. With the newly developed home ice cream maker, you do not need to out to shops, restaurants, bars etc. any more. Semi-automatic ice cream maker is inexpensive and it takes longer time and much trouble to make ice cream, unless you would regard it as a kind of fun. Automatic Household Ice Cream Maker only takes 20 minutes to make the delicious ice cream at home. Some of the automatic ice cream makers are available with LCD display. You can choose according to your interest and your preferences.

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