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A mixer is an electric kitchen device designed to beat, mix and whip all kinds of food to obtain a mixture of it. With an electric mixer, you can not only save your cooking time and cooking effort. But also it helps to make your cooking experience more enjoyable and add more fun to it.

Mr. Herbert Johnson was the inventor of the first electric mixer in 1908 and he used to be an engineer for Hobart Manufacturing Company. One day, when he was observing a baker mixing bread dough with a metal spoon, inspirations struck him mind. Very soon he successfully invented a mechanical sample of the first mixer. In 1915, his 80-quart mixers were largely equipped with the U.S. Navy vessel kitchens, as well as for many large bakeries around the country. In 1919, Hobart invented the Kitchen Aid Food Preparer (stand mixer) for home use. Before 1936, Mixer was a very expensive to buy and inconvenient machine to use because it weighs around 65 pounds and this weight is a little too heavy for daily use. So it was not common to find one in ordinary people’s kitchen. But now, it nearly becomes an everyday necessity for most families.

Basically, there are two types of mixer variations - portable (or hand) mixer and stand (or stationary) mixer available on the current market. Portable mixer, as its name suggests, can be used anywhere for its easy mobility, so it is very convenient for users. The portable mixer is small in size because it is equipped with a smaller motor when compared to stand mixers. The small size of the portable mixer enables the appliance to require smaller place to store. In the meanwhile, it means there would be work amount limits for this kind of mixer.

Comparing to hand mixers, stationary mixers normally have larger and more powerful motors and therefore they can handle heavier and more complicated mixing tasks. Due to its bigger motor requirement for standing mixers, they also take up more counter space. Other than the standard beaters, stationary mixers are usually equipped with a set of accessory attachments that can include dough hooks, wire whisks and flat, paddle-style beaters. It is common to have attachments such as citrus juicers, ice crushers, pasta makers, sausage stuffers and meat grinders comes with the standing mixer.

In the market, you can also find a stand food mixer which have a unique twin motor which provides a three way beating action and the mixer may be removed and used as hand mixers. So this type of machine can perform the tasks of both hand mixer and stationary mixer.

Mixers are frequently used when people are cooking, this arise the problem of difficulty in cleaning after using. So many mixers on the market nowadays have rounded design for the parts which enables easy cleaning after using and this kind of design makes the cooking experience more enjoyable.

Buying Tips:
A mixer could great reduce the cooking time and cooking troubles for a housewife. It is always good to have one for daily use. Since mixer is an electric device, before purchasing, you’d better be clear of its power output and then find the most power-saving one. Another thing requires your attention is the mixer’s noise level when working. Some part of the mixer is designed to be washer proof and it is better to buy this kind of products.

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