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Pizza oven is a cooking device used to cook a wide range of foods with a heated environment. It is the best way to cook pizza, bread and roasts; it is consisted of a door, a landing, a chimney manifold, an oven dome etc. The pizza oven uses conductive heat from the cooking surface, reflective heat from the dome, and convective heat from the hot air circulating to cook food. Reflective heat is the heat generated by the fire inside the oven and then stores in the oven dome, and bounces off the curved shape of the oven dome to reflect down providing a consistent and high level of heat on the top of the food. Conductive heat is the heat stored in the masonry cooking floor then transfers up through the food. The extremely high temperature generated by the oven greatly reduces cooking time, which further results in more succulent and healthy meals. Convection is the fire inside the oven pull air in through the front door, heats it, and exhausts hot air through the top of the front door to the vent. This airflow moves warm moist air across the food.

Pizza Oven
What type of pizza oven should people buy or install? The circumstance varies considerably. If you are a pizza oven hobbyist, you can build your oven chamber on-site using bricks and it will provide the best cooking environment. But for most people, a modular or pre-assembled oven is a good choice for it can reduces the time, hassle, risk, and expense of installing a brick or masonry oven.

What kind of trim and finish style should I choose? It also depends on you but the style is very important because it plays roles in holding in the dome insulation, protecting the oven dome and cooking surface from water, etc. Hence you have to consider the style carefully before printing the pizza oven.

How to cook foods with a pizza oven? Firstly, you have to heat the pizza oven entirely for more than 45 minutes before firing the oven. Secondly, establish a fire in the middle of the oven and wait for the build up of the fire. And a laser-guided infrared temperature gauge is needed because it can tell you the optical temperature to cook foods. Thirdly, you have to use wood and coals to keep the fire burning and try to maintain the temperature at 750F temperature which is good for cooking. When the temperature falls, you have to provide the oven with enough wood and coals. Of course, there are other types of fuel you can use today. Electric pizza oven would provide the ease of cooking with all the newly developed gadgets applied.

Buying Tips:
It is recommended that you should purchase the oven as bigger as the room allows because oven price and installation cost increase only marginally for the larger ovens and then you will enjoy your home cooking much better. Besides that, a prefabricated stand and hearth is necessary since it can spend less money and time in installing. What’s more, a Wood Moisture Gauge is also recommended since it can tell the moisture for the lumber. Anyway, you may want to select your pizza oven according to your cooking style, your room space, and your fuel you are going to use for your future oven.

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