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A range hood is a very practical device in the kitchen. Usually a range hood is located above the cook top and it absorbs, filters, and redistributes the hot air in the kitchen. Today it plays a role of filtering out smoke, grease, odors, etc. as well as making a kitchen cleaner, safer, and more comfortable.

Range Hood
What type of range hood should people buy? The circumstance varies considerably. Range hoods are classified by ventilation methods, degree of loudness, sizes, and aesthetic styles. Range hoods today are designed for commercial and home use. People can choose either ducted or ductless range hoods for their home kitchens, but restaurants usually use ducted range hoods since ducted range hoods are designed for busy and heavy oily kitchens. In terms of function, range hoods are measured by two standards: speed and loudness. It is advisable to consult the seller about these two things carefully when you consider purchasing a range hood. The speed of a range hood is the rate at which it replaces air and the speed is measured by cubic feet per minute (CFM). The sound volume is measured by Sone. Talking about range hoods styles, there are wall-mounted hoods, under-cabinet hoods, island hoods, custom hoods, downdraft hoods and slide-out hoods. Besides these, a fashionable kitchen also has the styles of a stainless steel hood, a lighted hood, etc. Each has its own features and different functions.

A range hood does not need extensive or painstaking maintenance. But when using a range hood, it is advisable to take the following points into consideration then the range hood will function properly for several years. Range hood components should be cleaned or replaced on a regular schedule since the increasing grease will affect the range hood performance greatly. It is recommended the filter should be changed every three months and the components should be cleaned with standard detergents regularly. In addition, try to let the ducts short and straight when you install the ducts. If bends are inevitable, try to limit the angles to 45 degrees because air does not spread when it hits 90-degree turns and situate the range hood no more than 30" above the cooking surface. What’s more, read manufacturer warranties carefully before using a range hood in case it will hurt you when you misuse it. A range hood is a necessary device in anyone’s kitchen. When cook and fry food, you will find that it is very helpful for cleaning the kitchen air.

Buying Tips:
When you buy a range hood, it is suitable for you to consider your own needs and identify the size and blower specifications. Wall-mounted range hoods are practical and decorative. Under-cabinet range hoods suit to store your cooking utensils, cookware, cookbooks, and spices near the stove. Island range hoods are available in a wide variety of colors and finishes. Decide what your specific cooking needs are and then purchase yours accordingly.

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