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Rotisserie ovens cook food by rotating the food item on a metal stick. Supermarkets, delicatessens and some fast-food diners were among the earliest pioneers to acknowledge the many advantages of rotisserie style cooking. Rotisseries could be used in both the back and front of the house to roast skewered meats and poultry, as well as fish and vegetables. Some people also like to use them to prepare barbecued items such as ribs or sausage.

Rotisserie Oven
Rotisserie oven displays a unique, highly visual and aromatic cooking style that can attract guests?attention and stimulate their appetites. These ovens allow you to present the good quality, freshness and variety of foods as they are being prepared. You can offer a wide selection of food like chicken, prime rib, beef ribs, beef brisket, pork, turkey, some vegetables and an extensive variety of seafood. Special seasonings and sauces can be developed to create the exact appearance and flavor you want.

On some types, the rear fireplace burners with ceramic logs can simulate an open hearth. Heat radiates from infrared sources or the circulation of warmed air. Some units are designed to generate heat from above, others from below. One maker offers a unit with infrared burners that operate on a 10-minute cycle. The burners can be programmed to burn for any percentage of the cycle or turned off completely so that the center flame alone will power the rotisserie. Some units are able to operate as two separate cooking areas to allow for staggered batch timing, or for the preparation of different products without co-mingling the individual product flavors. Foods are loaded onto a spit. Depending upon the type of food, you may use clamps, forks or mesh baskets to move the food.

A small electric motor rotates the product spits as moist; hot air circulates around the food in the cavity. Popular accessories include heavy-duty spits and baskets to hold fish or vegetables. Hinged, tempered-glass doors for open viewing have moved to the forefront as exhibition cooking has proliferated. Many rotisseries also include warming cabinets to hold finished products. Some doors are designed to stay cool for added safety. The loaded spits are placed into the preheated oven and slowly, mechanically rotated throughout the cooking process. During the foods?rotation, they are exposed evenly to the gas heat source. This slow rotation and even exposure to heat allows meats to cook while basting in their own juices. Rotisserie cooking creates foods that retain more natural juices, are more flavorful and have the unique eye appeal that leads to impulse buys and increased walk-in trade. When displayed in the front-of-the-house, rotisseries can add ambiance to your customerís overall dining experience. Many people prefer foods cooked on a rotisserie because it is perceived as a healthier preparation method.

Buying Tips:
There are numerous models that you can choose and each of them features their own advantages. There are front open access or pass through models. Other types feature tempered glass doors that slide or that can be opened out. Still others feature glass rear doors. Various electronic control systems provide accurate temperatures up to 450įF. Some models include gas ceramic logs in the cavity that give the dramatic flame effect but without the drawbacks of handling, tending and storing wood. Gas rotisserie ovens are frequently installed with ceramic tile, brick or stone exteriors to complement a restaurantís decor. Various paint colors and metals are also popular exterior finishes. There is one model that features a push-button, automated, self-cleaning cycle that degreases and sanitizes the cooking cavity. This feature is really fond of by young people. Whatever you select, rotisseries will bring you great fun of cooking.

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