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A spatula is quite essential for many people in the kitchen no matter what types of cooking they are dealing with. Spatulas are especially needed when frying foods that need to be flipped. Spatulas can also be used to serve food. The blade of a cooking spatula is often slotted to allow liquids to flow through. The spatula is specially designed for stir-frying in the wok. The edge of the spatula bowl is rounded to fit the shape of the pan, and the utensil itself is sturdier overall, to allow stirring and tossing of large quantities of food.

A lot of people around are not exactly talented in the kitchen or around the grill, and sometimes it's a little difficult to tell when something is done just by "feel." This new BBQ Spatula with a cooking thermometer attached can be a lifesaver, telling you if all those creepy crawlies are cooked out of that prize-winning chicken you're grilling. Poke the probe on the heel of the spatula into that meat, and you'll get a digital readout as well as a scale showing you ideal safe-cooked internal temperatures for beef, lamb, pork, chicken and turkey.

For spatulas, stainless steel spatula made for woks in all kitchens. They can be tough to find outside of a Chinatown, but are great because they make it easy to flip the food you are cooking. These spatulas have a long thin handle which will keep you a safe distance from the food heat, a flat, rounded flipper with a small lip around the back and a rounded edge on the front that matches the rounded walls of the wok. I also used to use, and be very happy with, wooden spatulas and still have several handy. They are easily cleaned without the help of hot water and soap. At the same time, it is safe to put it in the dishwasher.

A silicone spatula combines the flexibility of a traditional rubber spatula with the heat-resistant qualities of a metal kitchen utensil. High quality silicon spatula is resistant to temperatures ranging between 70 C to 220 C. Spatulas are especially useful for mixing wet and dry ingredients together, as well as scraping the sides of mixing bowls. Silicone is especially suited for these kitchen tasks because of its smooth edges and sturdiness. The silicone spatula is also not affected by contact with oil, fat, salt and acids. The straight-edged blade with its one edge more flexible than the other, helps spread neatly and smoothly.

Wood spatula is the best spatula you can use on Teflon cooking pan. You can extend the life of your pans by using a wooden spatula. The curved shaped of these spatulas make them easy to cook with.

Buying Tips:
Make sure that you don't get a spatula with a hole in the bottom of the handle where the metal from the handle wraps around -- otherwise, food and cooking residue gets stuck in the handle and can not be cleaned out. Then you can decide your spatula according to the pot or wok you are using now. Silicon and stainless steel spatulas are suitable for all kinds of cooking utensils. Wooden spatula is especially good for Teflon pans. In the meanwhile, the shape of the spatula is better to fit with the shape of the pot or wok. Then you can enjoy your amazing cooking journey.

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