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A spoon is a kitchen utensil that is used for several purposes, such as stirring, serving and transferring food. It has a bowl shaped head attached to a handle or the spoon may be constructed with the bowl shaped head and handle all as one piece. They are generally made from wood, metal or heat resistant plastic. Selecting kitchen tools can be a daunting and expensive task for any of us. There are hundreds of tools and gadgets out there, but what do you really need? It’s not necessary to take out a loan to stock your kitchen with the essentials. Spoons have been used by many cultures since the beginning of human kind. Wooden, nylon, and metal: each has its place in your kitchen.

One of the most important tools you can have in your kitchen is a wooden spoon. And I recommend you have more than one. Why a wooden spoon? Wooden spoons are mandatory for some types of baking and preparing sauces. There's nothing like stirring a sauce or sautéing veggies with a wooden spoon in your hand. I'm sure there are scientific reasons wooden spoons are still popular with professional chefs, but for me its all how they feel. I have a friend who is a professional chef and he uses the same spoon every time he makes his tomato sauce. He tells me the flavors become part of the spoon and add to the taste of his sauce.

Spoons can also be made of plastic and metal. Slotted and solid nylon coated metal spoons are both great for general use. A slotted spoon is an implement used in food preparation. Most of its uses involve separating solid foods from liquids, such as taking vegetables from a pot of boiling water. A significant exception is the traditional absinthe ritual. Plastic spoons are easy to find and cheap to buy too. It comes with different colors and different shapes. As you know, plastic spoons are not made for difficult tasks they are only appropriate for easy food like ice cream and milk powders.

The problem with the plastic spoons is that they are "deeper" than a normal spoon. Sometimes it is hard for people to put the food into one’s mouth with a plastic spoon. With normal spoons, you are accustomed to being able to make certain head movements once the spoon is in mouth (until the spoon is completely removed the seal is complete and there is no way to spill). With the plastic spoons, the break in the seal combined with "normal" eating head motions cause spillage.

Buying Tips:
I acknowledge that spoons are not expensive items for a kitchen but they are essential when you are cooking or eating. No matter what kind of spoon you want to buy. Buy good quality ones. Especially with plastic spoons, bad quality plastic spoons sometimes cut your mouth and cause bleeding. There are many different sizes and styles of cooking spoons available. Using the appropriate spoon for different tasks will help simplify the cooking procedure.

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