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A water cooler is a specially designed device that cools and dispenses water. We all aware that pure, clean water is one of the most vital natural substances we need to enjoy a long and healthy life. But the water that is transferred to our home by the city water systems can be contaminated with a wide variety of toxic and undesirable substances which make it unfit for drinking. Water coolers become one of the solutions of this problem for they can provide clean chilled fresh tasting water to your family. The following is a brief description of commonly used water coolers at home.

Water Cooler
Peopleís preferences influence a lot on our consumption habits. If you like to drink mineral water, it is advisable that you buy a bottled water cooler. The biggest advantage of this water cooler is that if you donít like the taste of water you are currently ordering or the water delivery proves to be unreliable, you can have the freedom to choose another supplier. Another buying point is that bottled water coolers are relatively cheap in price. However, bottled water coolers often run out of water when you donít want them to and the empty bottles after using take up useful storage space. Whatís more, although the water in the bottle is clean but it can often be contaminated by the water cooler machine if it is not regularly and effectively cleaned. Another point which limits the use of bottled water cooler is it is difficult to change heavy water bottles, especially when there are only women or children at home.

All the drawbacks of bottled water cooler resulted in the invention of another frequently used water cooler, bottleless water cooler. This water cooler applies a filtration system to the top of it to remove contaminated chemicals and other unwanted substances. By simply connecting the water line to the water cooler, you can get fresh and tasting drinking water. So you neednít worry about further contamination and risk of running out of water. Comparing to bottled water cooler, bottleless water cooler is much more money-saving although its price is much higher than the bottled one for the reason that no more cost for ordering water is needed. This cooler is also environmental friendly for no more plastic bottles to dispose of. The inconvenience with bottleless water coolers is that the filters need to be changed once a year. Both bottled and bottleless water coolers can provide chilled, ambient or hot drinking water. Some bottled water cooler can even be used to chill wine, fruit juices and other drinks.

There is still another water cooler which can only provide chilled water. This water cooler is called under sink water chiller. The water chiller is connected directly into your mains water supply. With the water passing through an advanced in-line filtration system, organic chemicals, tastes and odors can be removed, leaving only crystal clear, fresh tasting water. The water chiller can be installed under your sink and the chilled filtered water is dispensed via its own dedicated tap.

Buying Tips:
In order to make your life healthier, it is better to install a water cooler into your house. Since some water coolers can provide hot drinking water while others can only provide chilled or ambient water, you should consider what kind of water you need it to serve first, and then find the one which is best for your needs. Water is quite essential to the health condition of family members, so you should compare water coolers available on the market carefully to find one of high quality to avoid hidden health-threatening problems. Other things you need to pay attention to is the maintenance of your water cooler. How often do you need to clean it and what other thing you need to know to use it?

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