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Water filter machines are used to purify the water after its long way of transference through the city water pipe system. Most local water treatment facilities in every city in China use chlorine disinfectant as their disinfectant of choice. Consequently, city residents receive chlorinated, and often fluoridated water for cooking and drinking sources.

Water Filter
Chlorine contributes much to diseases like asthma and other respiratory diseases, and excessive fluoride intake can lead to dental problems such as yellowed teeth and other serious health problems for most young children. What’s more, water treated in plants easily picks up lead and other chemicals when traveling through a home’s plumbing system. All these problems worry many people and most them decide to install water filters into their homes. These devices can help people to filter the water that is transferred to citizen’s home by public plumbing systems. It removes chlorine byproducts, tiny organic materials, and many other unwanted chemicals from the water and greatly eases people’s nerves of getting sick by drinking water.

Generally, due to the material and method used in the water filtering process, water filters can be divided into activated carbon water filters, charcoal water filters, magnetic water filters, water distillers, ceramic water filters, reverse osmosis systems, ultra violet radiation systems, electrolyzed alkaline water filters, etc. The most frequently used home water filters are described below.

Activated carbon water filters: This filter uses activated carbon, either in the shape of granular or in a block to attract impurities to its surface. It is used primarily to remove chlorine, trihalomethanes, color, odor, taste and pesticides from water. The shortcoming of this type of water filter is that it can not wipe away metals and fluoride. The activated carbon water filters are simple to install and relatively cheap, however, it requires frequent replacement of the filter cartridge (an average activated carbon water filter will last a family 6-9 months), so there are ongoing costs when you installed one for your family. This form of filter comprises possibly 95% of those in use across the American continent.

Water distillers: This filter can remove most contaminants by boiling water and then condensing the vapor and steam again. It works effectively with most contaminants but can not remove volatile organic compounds such as THM. In recent years there has also been growing awareness of distilled water's effects on the balance of mineral absorption in the body, plus the acidic result that a typical distiller creates. What’s more, this filter is relatively expensive to buy and uses a fair amount of electricity when working.

Reverse osmosis systems: In water filter terms, reverse osmosis (or hyper-filtration) is the process of filtering water under pressure through a thin membrane, allowing water to pass through but rejecting most contaminants. It generally takes a lot of pressure and is fairly slow, but it works really well. The result is extremely finely filtered water. The disadvantages of this filter are its high price and wasting of large amount of water when functioning (as for every liter of filtered water, several liters go down the drain).

Buying Tips: Most people now are very concerned with the food they eat and the water they drink more and more. To avoid any water contamination issues, you can make a plan to buy a water filter for your family. If you are considering buying a water filter for your home, you should first check the water condition at home carefully to find the main contaminants existed in your home water which will help you decide which kind of water filter is most appropriate for you. Once you've determined that you need a water filtration system, you’d better check the label cautiously to make sure the product is certified. And lastly, choose one that is practical and not too expensive for your budget. The maintenance of the water filter is also very important so when you are looking for it, try to find one that is easy to maintain.

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